Jeff & Kamanda Bucher | Solid Rock

Jeff & Kamanda Bucher | Solid Rock

Spring Cleaning

It’s hard to believe we are heading into our final team of this stretch, 9 weeks of teams in 10 weeks. In January, March felt out of reach…and now here we are. I would say we are in good shape. In the past couple of weeks I have been doing some spring cleaning around the house, cleaning out the kids’ closets, and helping to organize around the guesthouse. After long stretches of teams it always feels good to get things organized and inventoried before another stretch of teams. The weather in San Juan has continued to be wonderful with low humidity and cooler evenings and mornings!

Jeff’s mom flew back to the states on February 24, we were able to do some more things around San Juan upon returning from our time on the north coast. We spent an evening at the dam enjoying a picnic dinner and the views. It was peaceful to listen to the water.

Blue is fully healed from his procedure last month, Sarah took out his sutures, and he is very thankful to be cone free. We weren’t able to go on our daily walks while he was recovering, so he has enjoyed getting out of the house more now.

In addition to spring cleaning, I have been trying to find more time to focus on taking time for myself. I have been working through Hebrews 11 these past couple months and being reminded of how God is faithful. There is purpose in every trial and He is here to guide us through them. I’ve also been able to do some more leisurely reading in the afternoons and evenings when the kids are in bed. It has been nice to have an escape from the busyness of our ministry schedule.

Braegan has been enjoying afternoons in the neighborhood with her friends and riding her bike. She has perfected French braiding. I’m very thankful that she chose me to practice on. She now can braid her own hair…a skill I have never mastered. Last week she was able to braid a couple of the group members’ hair!

We are winding down on her 5th grade homeschool curriculum. The past couple of months have really focused on US History which I really enjoy discussing with her. I believe I mentioned this before, but when I was in college I spent 75% of my senior year student teaching in 5th grade, and I have wonderful memories of that time. I’m thankful to get to have these discussions with Braegan.

Brantley is wild and imaginative. He recently got a set of magnets, and he has been creating new things with them. Earlier this week he created a Mario Kart Rainbow Road for his Hotwheels cars.

And now on to Jeff, he has been busy the past couple of weeks organizing the tool shed at the guesthouse and cleaning out things that are no longer needed or usable. It looks amazing. This always gives us a better idea of what we have and what the teams can bring down for completing projects.

The last couple of weekends while we have been in Santo Domingo Jeff has been able to play pickleball. He’s preparing for a tournament that is being hosted at the Dominican Fiesta. Jeff’s parents were able to bring some gear down when they arrived to donate to his pickleball friends.

We have a team arriving this weekend, and then we will have a 4 week break before our next set of teams arrive. During our break we will catch up with some friends here in San Juan. We also have a trip planned to travel to Indiana for a couple weeks to see family and friends. Jeff is also looking forward to catching up with his pickleball crew there too!

Prayer Requests:

  • upcoming travels to the states for Easter
  • friends dealing with some heavy health situations
  • upcoming ministry season
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