Jeff & Kamanda Bucher | Solid Rock

Jeff & Kamanda Bucher | Solid Rock


We have finished the first 5 weeks of teams of 2024. At the end of each week Jeff and I would evaluate where we were (mentally, physically, and emotionally) in order to keep pressing through to this week. It’s been busy, and we have had our moments, but I’m thankful to be on this side. With each team brings friends that we haven’t seen in a year, and it’s encouraging to catch up during their time in San Juan. This year has brought on the excitement of the new clinic being open too.

The last week of January my dad, sister and her husband were on the team, so we enjoyed catching up with them. This was my brother in law’s first trip to San Juan, so we enjoyed showing him around and introducing him to our Dominican family.

Braegan celebrated her 11th birthday last week, it has been a week long celebration with a team and grandparents visiting. On Wednesday evening we had chili at home and opened some gifts followed by more gifts and celebrating on her actual birthday, February 8. Braegan was recognized for her math accomplishments at school on Thursday. She recently participated in a math competition with a few selected 5th graders, and she scored a lot better than she thought. She was spoiled by the team too. We had a pizza dinner on Thursday evening and Katelyn made funfetti cake balls.

Jeff’s parents arrived on Saturday, February 2. Their first week was spent in San Juan. Jeff and his dad have been repainting all of our bedrooms, after 7 years of living in our current apartment the walls were getting pretty bad. It feels fresh and clean again! The weather in San Juan this past week has been the best anyone could ask for with day time temperatures in the upper 70’s and evening temperatures in the mid 50’s. I’ve described it as a fall day (in DR standards). I’ve enjoyed getting to be around the house with a hoodie and sweats on.

We spent the beginning of this week on the north coast with Jeff’s parents for a few days. We enjoyed time by the pool, playing games together, and watching the Super Bowl. The temperature was beautiful there too!

While we were on the north coast, Blue stayed at the vet in Santo Domingo. He was groomed and neutered. He is about half way through his recovery, and I know he will be happy when he doesn’t have to wear his cone anymore. He is still just as energetic and loving as he was before.

We have two more groups arriving this weekend. We will have an ENT surgical team at the clinic, a mobile medical clinic, and a construction team. Our next break will be after these next four teams.

Kelsi Smurr arrived with my dad’s team in January. It feels good to have a complete staff again. We spent this morning together catching up, sharing our testimonies and how God brought us to the DR.

Ways you can be praying:

  • staff unity
  • upcoming teams
  • Blue’s incision healing and recovery
  • restored health – Brantley and I have been having some issues with our allergies
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